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Friday, August 11, 2017

Oregon shooting from way back when

This news is from way back when - October 2015. Obama was still president, and there had been a shooting in Oregon. I think it was at a community college.

The BBC Arabic spent a lot of time talking about gun violence in the US. I think sometimes they like doing that, it gives them some relief from always reporting on misery in the Arab world.

It was Malak Jaafar leading the conversation.

She started by saying: 1 million 400 people have died in gun violence, and that's more than all the wars, combined. (Did I record that correctly?).

Then she continued: after the shooting of 20 six and seven year olds in Connecticut, 5 million people signed up for the National Rifle Association. "That is strange!" muses Malak.

They showed a photo of Obama after the Connecticut shooting:

 Then they showed him now: Obama is really mad, Malak put in.

 Obama said (and the BBC Arabic translated): we have become numb. We should be shocked by all this.

They talked about how there are 300 million guns in the USA. Malak started stumbling over her words. "This ... is ... a ... a ... a scary number."

Malak pointed out that in Oregon, you can just walk into a store and buy a gun, and does this ease of access play a role? Or would people otherwise just get the guns on the black market. Not sure what the guest said about that.

The guest said: $3 trillion has been spent on wars because 3,000 Americans died; so why's nothing done about the great wave of gun violence?

"You know, in the US, it's the automatic weapons that you can get a hold of. And in fact, the US has more murders than Mexico, which is known for its guns."

Is that true?

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