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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Wearing the burqini

This is from August, 2016.

Wow, almost a year ago!

France was banning the burqini on public beaches.

Of course, the BBC Arabic had to discuss the controversy, and they brought on all sorts of experts.

Here's on the "experts" from France, being interviewed by Rasha Qandeel:

Expert: And if they want to wear the burqini, in that case, then don't come to the beach. I'm sorry!

Rasha: So what do you think when you see photos of armed French police telling women to take their clothes off on the beach?

Expert: I've been on the beach. I haven't seen anything like that. So please don't talk about things you don't understand.

The "expert" again: I don't believe women like to be in such clothes when it's 40 degrees Celsius. I'm sorry.

Yes, I'm sorry, too. What a moron.

Rasha: Sir, this is your own assumption.

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