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Friday, August 11, 2017

Security Debate after Belgium Attack

This is BBC Arabic coverage from way back when - the bombing of the airport in Brussels (March, 2016).

They showed images of stunned passengers at the airport ...

They showed people evacuating the city by foot - if I remember, the metro and public transport systems were shut down.

The empty and echoing Brussels metro system:

Then, they had all the analysts come out. Rasha Qandeel was the BBC anchorwoman steering the conversation.

Some of the analysts said: Belgium was surprised by the attack, so it was a big security failure. And they must not have done enough security preparations.

Rasha said:  ok, but we complain when governments do take harsh measures. Can we really blame Belgium for not doing what some extreme right-wing governments have proposed doing?

Security expert: no, no, but --- and then the internet cut off!

This American expert said: It's hard to monitor everyone. The San Bernardino murderers were not on the radar of the government. The government can monitor email and Facebook, but sometimes people aren't announcing their plans there.

Then he added (this was before the 2016 American elections) this will probably help Trump's standing in the polls. People will think he's the only one who can stop all the attacks.

But then he seemed to say, maybe it won't make that much of a difference. He said, "at the end of the day, it's just talk" (not really sure what he was referring to). "You know, neither Democrats nor Republicans want terror in the United States. No one wants a terror attack on their watch, they get blamed for it."

Resha: "But Trump says he's going to ban Muslims, he's playing on hate."

American security expert: "He didn't just talk about Muslims, he talked about Latinos, too. And now the US has a population that is 45% minorities, it's very hard to hate on all of them."

Again, this conversation is from March 2016. 

They showed a lot of mourners and tributes to the dead and wounded:

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