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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Swedish and Danish banks

(February 18, 2014)

The BBC Arabic was yet again hosting debates between Palestinian and Israeli politicians and analysts.

This guy was on the show:

He took the Palestinian side. And in the midst of all his bluster (you can tell by just looking at his face that he blusters a lot), he said something very nice. He said, he didn't care what excuses the Israelis made because he knew that time and justice was on the Palestinian side, especially when it comes to boycotts and international banks withdrawing their funds from Israeli settlement schemes.

Then he specifically mentioned Swedish and Danish banks.

So, my dear fellow, since you are so grateful to the Swedish and Danish banks, there are many ways for you to show your good wishes. For example, you could try to convince your neighbors not to blow up Scandinavian embassies and consulates, and not to kill Scandinavian humanitarian workers. That would indeed be highly appreciated.

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