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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Obey your husband

Back in March or April, the BBC Arabic had a show on obedience. That is, a wife obeying her saintly, oh-so-deserving, ugly slobby husband. They went to Lebanon and asked random people on the street what they thought:

This handsome stud says:
 A wife should do what's best for her family. Yes, she should be convinced of what I say.

If when a married couple differs, the man always thinks he's right. But if we can sit down and talk, maybe I'll find out I'm wrong. 

My husband is always telling me what to do. 

This man mumbled the whole time, so I've no idea what he said. 

Obedience will lead to violence.

Of course, religion tells us that ... didn't understand her accent.

I think someone else said:

The man is a friend of the woman, and they need to work together. The man should not be so dictatorial like so many Arab men are.

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