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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Oscars and Arabs

(January 17, 2014)

Three Arab films have been nominated for Arabs this year. That's not bad at all! They talked about all three on the BBC Arabic.

First, there was a Palestinian film called "Omar". It's a love story:

Now, my mom says that Arab girls are the purest in the world, so I really can't believe my eyes here...

Gazing adoringly into each other's eyes - what a scandal!

 Hand in her hair - oh, no!
 Hand on his cheek - repent, child, repent!

The second film was a documentary of revolutionary events in Egypt. Here is a clip ...

 ... and here is the film-maker. Her name is Jehane Noujaim. 

The film is called "The Square." The film-maker was interviewed on the regular BBC in English, so the BBC Arabic just summarized that.

The third film was a Yemeni documentary called "Dignity has no walls," the first time a Yemeni film has been nominated. Here's a screenshot from it:

This film also deals with the revolutions. The film-maker is called Sara Ishaq. She was interviewed both on the BBC in English, and then we saw her live through a video link-up on the BBC Arabic. Here she is:

She couldn't hear the questions of the BBC Arabic presenter very well ...

... and the BBC presenter sure got worked up about it. It was Makki Helal. He's usually worked up about something.

Good luck to everyone on Oscar night!