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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Islamic Revolution

(Late October, 2013)

A sheikh in Yemen has written a book about his idea for a new Islamic Revolution.

There was a press conference with men, women, and journalists to unveil it.

I always missed getting the screenshots when the women were on stage. 

Here is the sheikh himself. If I understood correctly, is new Islamic Revolution puts great emphasis on human rights and women's right - I mean, totally wild!

You can see some of the women here.

Journalists following every word.

This is another Yemeni sheikh, and he is feeling quite unhappy with his colleague's statements.

Malak Jaafar, BBC Arabic presenter, tried talking some sense into him, but it was an uphill battle. 

 And she interviewed the fount of the new revolution as well. I didn't even catch his name!

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