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Friday, October 25, 2013

Syrian refugees in Egypt

(October 17, 2013)

A report came out, I think by Amnesty International, about the poor treatment of Syrian refugees in Egypt. What??? Arabs treating each other badly? The thought is inconceivable!

This was discussed several times on the BBC Arabic.

 Here are some Syrian refugees in Egypt.

 I think this lady said that on Eid (the Muslim holiday), no one from their new Egyptian neighbors came to check if they were doing alright. That's something Muslims are supposed to do.

 This man says, I think, that the schools are ridiculously expensive. If I remember correctly, all the Iraqi refugees that poured in Syria in 2006-2008 had the exact same problem: they could not enroll their kids in the Syrian schools until the United Nations intervened and persuaded the Syrian government to allow refugee enrollment. Now Egyptians are doing the same thing to Syrians, and unless something changes, this will happen during the next conflict, too. Notice the refugees interviewed don't want to be identified.

This Egyptian man speaking on behalf of his government (I think) says: Egypt is in special circumstances at the moment! How do you expect us to look after all these refugees on top of everything else?

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