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Saturday, September 14, 2013

A nice Muslim man

(September 13, 2013)

Here is a story about a nice Muslim man. He is very old, slow to walk, and when he does walk, he must use a cane to counteract his limp.

 At least, I think he is Muslim. He has a Muslim name, and he is Indian. Here is his wife:

 They got married when she was 14, and they stayed married for 58 years. She told him that after she died, no one would remember her, so he promised he would build something a la Taj Mahal in her memory. She died two years ago, and he has kept his promise. Here is his handiwork!
 Up close:

He finished building the minarets and the domes, and now he still needs to complete the gardens and maybe the interior design. However, all his money has run out! He even sold a plot of land that he owned, and his wife's jewelry, and all his other savings. I think so far he has spent $15,000. Now he still needs $10,000 more. 

School kids come over, and he shows them around. 

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