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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Self Defense for women in Somalia

(September 12, 2013)

These women in Somalia are attending a self-defense class.

The BBC Arabic report mentioned that Somali women are attacked at especially high frequencies inside of refugee or displacement camps. Isn't that the age-old story of men? First, they cause the war. Then, when everyone is already miserable because their loved ones have died and their homes and belongings are destroyed and their jobs and schools are inaccessible, they go around making everyone even more miserable. Then, and I think Muslim and/or Arab men are especially prone to this, they go bumbling about thinking themselves the best thing ever to hit the earth! You should just watch the BBC Arabic. Even when they are on TV, sometimes the men forget that they are supposed to try to at least project a decent, civilized image, and they start screaming, their voices grow raspy, and you think any second they are going to go into apoplexy.

Here is an Iraqi man in the midst of an apoplectic attack:

Ewwwww. Just eewwwww. Mind you, this is just one screenshot. You're not seeing the ones when his mouth is open in something resembling a dog's bark.

This guy is some kind of high-up government official in Iraq. Yikes!

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