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Saturday, February 17, 2018

New church in Egypt

Many churches in Eygpt have been blown up by militants, and many Christians killed in the process.

So, they just built a massive new church. When I listened to the report on the BBC Arabic, I thought they were saying that this church was a replacement for a church that had been blown up a year ago, during which 13 people died.

But maybe it's just a catch-all church supposed to uplift the morale of Egypt's Christians.

Either way, I think it's the largest church in the Middle East:

Here, the people are streaming in, and cheering as they do (lady with the open mouth):

The BBC Arabic also visited this lady in her home:
That is Jesus behind her. I think one of her loved ones was killed in a previous attack.

And this lady said: it's a very nice church, we really thank President Sisi.
President Sisi is like a dictator ... but I feel bad pointing out his bad side if all these people feel he did something nice to them. What's the morally correct way of addressing this?

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