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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Sweden at the UN

Sweden is on the United Nations Security Council, and for the first time, I finally saw them broadcast on the BBC Arabic. It was very exciting.

The man staring at his notes is Carl Skau. He is from the Swedish contingent at the UN. 

Here he is again, paying very close attention:

In this picture, there are actually two Swedish people! One is the person behind the 'Sweden' sign. The other is the person at the very end of the table. That is Staffan de Mistura. He is giving a report on the very bad and sad conditions in Syria.

The BBC Arabic was talking about how Sweden and Kuwait were trying to get a 1-month ceasefire in Syria.

Later, they talked to a UN expert called Abdelhamid Siyam. I've caught him on the BBC Arabic many times before. He was saying that Russia doesn't like this ceasefire idea, because it would apply to the Syrian government and I guess the "official" rebel forces; the completely lawless militant groups operating in Syria would totally ignore it.

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