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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Racism in Tunisia

Back in March or April, the BBC Arabic had a segment about racism in Tunisia. There is an organization in Tunisia that advocates on behalf of Black people, and the lady in charge was interviewed. Her name is Saadiya Sabaah.

The BBC Arabic anchor, whose name is Mona, asked: people don't really stop to consider that there are Black people in Tunisia, why?

Ms. Saadiya said: it's because you never see then, no the news, nowhere. But she also added that Tunisia was actually the first country to outlaw slavery.

Mona asked: if that's the case, then what is the deal now? What is needed? Laws against racism?

Ms. Saadiya said: yes, first we need some acknowledgement that this is a problem. Most Tunisians say it doesn't exist. We've gone to the Parliament and asked them for laws against racism.

The head of the NGO added that 15% of Tunisia's population is Black, but good statistics do not really exist, so no one knows the extent of the racism problem.

This is Saadiya Sabaah:

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