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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Favorite Arabic World Cup Commentator

Yesterday, I watched the USA-Belgium soccer game. I CANNOT BELIEVE WE LOST.

You should know that the Arabic commentator was really very unbiased. He didn't sit around and say, "I hope the USA loses and gets pay-back" and blah blah blah. No, he was excited about good plays Belgium made, and excited about good plays the US made, and he was really excited when the US made a goal at the end, and kept saying, "now the US is searching for the equalizing goal!!!" and he practically made a saint of the US goalkeeper!

I didn't watch the Argentina-Switzerland match earlier, because I was at the apartment of a Swedish girl here in Amman !!!!! You can imagine that made me happy. But the referee at the Argentina-Switzerland match was also Swedish, so I wish I could have seen it. As I took the taxi to the Swedish girl's apartment, I heard the match on the radio. I was only in the taxi for about 10 minutes, and I heard the commentator mention the Swedish referee at least 3 times! He seemed to really like his name! He kept on saying Jooooooooohan Erikson. It was great.

My cousin and I are agreed that the Argetina-Switzerland commentator is the most fun of all the many Arabic commentators we have heard. He always commentates for the big matches, and when he gets really excited he starts spewing poetry cobbled together from the players' names. Yesterday, he kept informating the Arabic audience that Argentina and Switzerland were playing in a stadium named after a chapter in the Gospels, and that the city, Sao Paolo, is very religious.

Then he said, "Switzerland! the land of peace!" I wish I could hear what he'd say if Sweden was playing!

Then, towards the end of the match, when they were in overtime, he said: Switzerland looks tired. Switzerland is famous for its cheese and chocolate. I suspect that the cheese and chocolate is all going to melt in this hot sun.

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