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Saturday, February 8, 2014

EU Corruption

(February 3, 2014)

The EU released a report about their corruption. The lady presenting the report was Swedish:

Her name is Cecilia Malmström, and she was on the BBC Arabic throughout the day! But in Arabic, they've written her name Cecilia Malm Ström. Ha! And they never said she was Swedish ... they just said that she works for the EU.

The only other thing of note is that the BBC Arabic interviewed this man, live from Brussels:

He was talking about corruption in the Arab countries - particularly the Gulf countries - and what they can learn. And he mentioned all the countries in the EU that scored well on the corruption report. He mentioned Sweden first of all, I am not even kidding. Then he mentioned Denmark, and Finland, and Holland, and Germany.

And throughout the day, the BBC Arabic kept mentioning Sweden as having low corruption every time they re-ran the story about the EU report (and they re-ran it at least every hour, and did further analysis at one point, and talked about Sweden even more then.)

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