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Saturday, January 18, 2014

"Congress wants Egypt to Fail"

(August 7, 2013)

I forgot to post this at the proper time. It was a funny back and forth between a caller and the BBC Arabic host on the "Have Your Say" show. It happened in the midst of the upheaval in Egypt.

A man called Kamel Shukri called in from Germany. He said:

"Yes, it is true that members of the American Congress recently visited Egypt to try and mediate the crisis; and when they left, they said that if there is not a solution soon, there will be blood in Egypt. Well, guess what, folks! This is exactly what the American Congress wants! They want blood to run in Egypt, they also want the Egyptian military to break apart, they also want the Syrian military to fall apart, and they want the whole of the Middle East to fall apart."

The BBC host, Samir Farah, says:

"Wait a second, you think the American Congress wants the Middle East to fall apart? If wants the Egyptian military to fall apart? But the Congress has not put a stop to the military aid for Egypt. The US is always acting for the Egyptian military."

Mr. Kamel: "No! I wish, Mr. Samir, that you would listen to me and believe what I am saying and understand properly ..."

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