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Thursday, December 12, 2013


This is my 100th post, so I am going to make it all about Sweden.

The BBC Arabic ran a story a few weeks ago about Syrian refugees in Sweden. Sweden said, whoever of the refugees can make it to our shores doesn't have to worry, they can stay.

Here is the Swedish Parliament:

Here's a lady helping to register a Syrian man. I wonder what that blinking contraption is for.

Glad Swedish sunshine, as the BBC reporter speaks to a refugee. The refugee said: we went to Italy first, but they kicked us out. So we came to Sweden.

A kid swinging his legs:

A man teaching a Swedish language class! My darling, angel Sweden has the most Syrian refugees out of all of Europe.

Still registering:

This is the BBC reporter, but don't pay him no mind. Just feast your eyes on Stockholm in the background.

About Sweden: "this is a country of peace," says the Syrian man's shadow.

This ran maybe in late October or early November. I really don't remember. A few weeks after that, I opened the BBC Arabic halfway through a show hosted by Fida Bassil:

This is Fida Bassil, but not, however, from the day of the show in question. I didn't get a live picture. I wanted to include this one, because aren't her dress and necklace pretty?

Any case, when I checked into the show halfway, Fida was interviewing the foreign minister or someone in the government from Bulgaria, asking him why Bulgaria was not accepting more Syrian refugees (Bulgaria had promised to take 1000.) The Bulgarian minister said, "well, we don't have any money to do any more."

I think I gathered that Fida was interviewing government officials from all across Europe, asking them about their response to the Syrian refugee crisis. I thought, for sure she must have interviewed an official from Sweden. I can't be positive, but they would want to show a range of response, from lots of asylum granted to hardly any asylum granted. But if she did indeed interview a Swedish person that day, I missed it. SHUCKS!

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