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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Norway burning trash

(September 25, 2013)

Norway was almost on the BBC Arabic news.

 They were going to show a clip about how Norway burns trash to create energy. In fact, Norway imports trash from the UK and other places. Apparently, burning trash creates lots of energy, and it reduces the landfills. I guess Norway makes so little trash that its landfills are already pretty empty, so they might as well do a favor for the British, too.

I know all this not because I saw it on the BBC Arabic TV, but because it was a clip on the BBC English website.

Later that day on the BBC Arabic news, the announcer introduced the clip. He can do that because sometimes they take the English news clips and just dub the voice-over in Arabic. But then his eyes kind of glazed over - he paused - he backtracked. "Uh, we are out of time right now, I'm sure we will show you the clip later in the day." But I never did see it.

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