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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Arab man and the cane

(October 9, 2013)

You remember about the Arab man and the finger. Now it's time to introduce the Arab man and the cane.

This is Sudan's president:

 He is pontificating to a group of loyal supporters in the middle of the desert somewhere in Sudan. There have been many protests against this man recently in Sudan. The protesters are upset that gas subsidies are getting ready to be removed.

The response of the government has been live fire directed towards the protestors. There have been many killed. 

And here, the president is calling all the protestors traitors. 

All the while, he twirls his cane like a color-guard audition.

 The BBC Arabic made sure to mention during the report that Sudan's president is wanted on genocide charges at the International Criminal Court. Then they drew a red band across his picture, because yes, sir, you do have blood on your hands. That was a nice touch!

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