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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Palestinian voices applauding women

About once a month, the BBC Arabic sits down with a Palestinian audience and talks about an issue. I don't remember what the last topic was. I just wanted to talk about the audience. It was almost all men! There was just a scattering of women.

The point of the program is that all the people in the audience get to chime in and ask questions and make comments.

It was like 40 minutes before finally, a lady got up to speak. And she spoke with passion, though I’m not sure what she said, and all the guys clapped for her when she was done! Woah!

So then, another lady got up at the very end. She was also very passionate, and I also didn’t understand her, and she got applause, too!! What the heck! She got applauded twice! All the guys must be like, awww, sweet little girls getting up to talk, it’s like listening to a fragile doll, of course we’ll applaud.

Second lady who dared to speak

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