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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Arab Commentator over the Brazil-German Disaster

During yesterday's 7-1 game Germany versus Brazil, the Arab commentator got quite upset.

It's haram, Germany, it's haram! You are spoiling the game for all of us!

Then every time Germany went for the attack: ya Settar! (Oh God!) Ustur! (Save us!)

Or when Germany went on the attack: have mercy!!!

Then, that Arab sports channel spent the rest of the night talking about the game. When we woke up to eat before dawn, they were still talking. When we woke up again to go to work, they were still talking. And when I got back from work they were still talking, and when we broke our fast they were still talking! Then even when the Netherlands-Argentina game was getting ready to start, they were still talking.

Although during the soccer matches themselves there's only ever male commentators and analysts, I saw two women sports analysts during this day-long marathon, and I was told that they appear daily. One of them was a hijabi lady wearing glasses who was on the air around 3 am, and who actually was very severe looking. I'm tired of all the glossy-colored women you usually see on sports channels. This lady was a nice change.

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