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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A night on the town in Amman

Before Ramadan, we went one evening to Amman's city center. It is called the بلد, that is to say, the beh-led.

It was three women and one man, and the guy paid for everything. First, we all went to a famous shop called Habiba. They take white cheese, stick it amongst red-feathery type swirls of something or other, and then soak it all in syrup. Then you eat it. We all had a portion. Then we went to a coffee-shop and were begged most most earnestly to please please have a tea or coffee or something to drink, and last we went back out on the streets and we all had a smoothie with oranges and strawberries.

The guy paying was paying for his co-worker, and his co-worker's cousin, and the friend of the cousin of his co-worker. I thought it was nice!

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