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Friday, June 13, 2014

World Cup in Jordan

There are Arab sports satellite channels that carry all the World Cup Soccer games. Yesterday, a moderator with a very vigorous voice commented on the Holland-Spain match.

He was so excited that he didn't pause for breath once. Here are his best proclamations:
- Holland yes, Holland si!
- Holland had vanquished the Matador
- Oscarrrrrrrrrrrrrr
- RRRRRRRobin, Robinhood!
- Allaaaah!! Allaaah, Allaaah, Allaaaaaah!!

Then he told a story. Something like:

Back in the Middle Ages, the Spanish were under attack by some fierce warrior, and the mothers would tell all their unruly children at night who refused to sleep that the fierce warrior would come and get them.

Then, the moderator finishes with a flourish: today, Holland has become that fierce warrior frightening the Spanish!

I did not know this, but apparently when Barcelona and Real Madrid soccer teams play against each other, it is a big game for Jordanians, too! Most everyone has pledged allegiance to one team or the other. But the state of awareness is so high that even people who don't really watch soccer will still ask the next day, "so who won?"

And there's some neighborhoods here in Jordan which, during the European games, will get so excited that you in your kitchen know someone has scored a goal by the noises that erupt from other people's living rooms.

Right now in Amman, there are more Brazilian, German, French, Argentinian, Spanish, and Dutch flags than the national flag.

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