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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Songs against Cigarettes in Jordan

Today in the car, these were the news headlines on the radio in Amman:

1. The US is giving $35 million to Syrian refugees. The money will go to the World Food Programme and to various NGOs in the area.
2. Jordan is struggling under the pressure of amongst the largest Syrian refugee populations in the region.
3. The Ministry for Agriculture is preparing a campaign to counter the attacks against water supplies. I think the people doing the attacks are farmers who do not get an adequate supply of irrigation water, but I'm not sure if I heard that part right.
4. Dozens of people have been killed in fights in Syria.

Next came a segment, spoken in the innocent voice of a young child - who was likely coached into all the cheesy inflections he used - that is called, "Letter from a Child to a Grown-Up." They have that segment every morning, apparently. Today's was about the English language, or about writing letters, but the windows were open and the wind was too loud for me to hear!

After that they had a long anti-smoking commercial. First, a man with a nice, serious voice talked about how smoking is against Islam, and the Muslim community all needs to take a stand and show how wrong smoking is. Then, they had a short dialogue between two men, a smoker and non-smoker. The non-smoker asks the smoker, 'are you smoking again?' Finally, they finished off the campaign with a song. It went something like, 'he lit the cigarette, and then he left it. he lit the cigarette, and then he left it.'

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