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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Domestic violence law in Lebanon

Back in March or April of 2014, Lebanon passed a law that I think put some more harsh penalties upon those who are convicted of domestic violence. It sounded like many activists, however, were unhappy with the law because it did not outlaw martial rape, and maybe even legalized martial rape.

The BBC Arabic did several call-in shows and discussion segments concerning the law.

For one of the shows, a lady with four kids called in. Several years ago, her husband caused her a new problem everyday. She says she never complained because people don't really care - there's no one to complain to. Finally, her husband started shooting at her with a gun. She said, khalas, that's enough. She went to the courts and requested a divorce. The courts subjected the ex-husband to some trivial formalities, but no real punishment.

The BBC Arabic moderator asked the lady what she thought of the new law. Did she think it would be beneficial to women who found themselves in the situation she once had? The lady said: no, I don't think the new law will work. I think it's all just play-acting. It's not a wrong step, it's a step forward; but I cannot put any faith or optimism in it.

Then, they talked to random people on the street around Beirut. I really don't understand the accent of the Lebanese, but here it goes:

This lady says that Lebanon is a patriarchal society and boys learn this from a young age. They carry on as they grow older.

This lady says that the new law is very good, and that the men will now be scared! (scared to be brutal I guess.)

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