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Friday, May 23, 2014

Climate Change awareness in the Arab World

Twice during the months of March and April, 2014, the BBC Arabic had reports about climate change, and how it is expected to affect Arab countries.

First, they showed footage of the coral reefs in danger. 

And of the droughts we can expect:

As well as floods:

The BBC Arabic coverage coincided with a global report released by the IPCC, which is a UN-sponsored panel monitoring climate change. Here is the report's chairman presenting the urgent matter. 

The coverage was led by Fida Bassil. She interviewed an Arab climate change expert, so she could get the Arab side of the story. Fida asked why, if the UN is using strong language in its reports, have there not been steps taken to dampen climate change, and why are there no tangible results?

She also asked him, why has the world failed in this? But the Arab expert said the world hasn't completely failed.
The name of this Arab expert is Azzat Abd Al Hameed.

Then, a few weeks later they did more climate change reporting, this time about efforts Saudi Arabia is making in the field of solar energy. According to the BBC Arabic, Saudi would like to transform from being an oil-exporting country to a country that exports sustainable energy. Not bad!

This man was explaining all about solar energy:

This is a plant I think that produces solar panels in Saudi. 

And I think these are fields of solar panels soaking up the sunlight.

I think they said: Saudi Arabia would like to keep their oil underground, and just export solar energy and stuff. 

 And I think they said further that Saudi Arabia will soon get 30% of its energy from solar energy.

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