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Monday, April 7, 2014

Freedom to Broadcast Hate Follow-up

(March, 2014)

After the BBC Arabic premiered their investigative report about hate channels on Arabic TV (Freedom to Broadcast Hate) it created lots of discussion. So they devoted a whole call-in show to carry on the conversation live.

Here's some threads from that show:

Caller: they started it, so by golly, we will insult them, too! I wouldn't have started it - I'm only responding because they insulted Aisha.
BBC Arabic moderator: The only problem is, at this point, we really don't know who started it.
Caller: no, you can read about it! We didn't start it, they did!
Moderator: It's a complicated situation. Each side blames the other for having started it. So how can we escape, how can we get out this cycle where each side continuously badmouths the other?

See the full program by clicking here to get to the video on YouTube.

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