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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Freedom to Broadcast Hate

I was traveling last week, and didn't put aside time to listen to the Arabic news. When I got back, I checked the BBC Arabic's YouTube page, where they post their short news clips from the last month, but I didn't see anything about the hotel attack in Afghanistan that killed journalists and humanitarian workers and kids.

They did, however, have a 50-minute long piece of investigative reporting about hateful religious channels in the Arab world. It's actually suspenseful and like a mystery to watch. Plus, there's the original version in Arabic, and a version translated into English with subtitles. The main guy doing the investigation speaks both Arabic and English fluently, so no matter which version you watch, it's his voice that you'll hear: he did the talking for both versions. That's impressive!

The version in English:

And the original version in Arabic:

Once you've finished watching the video, you probably won't like Arabs anymore (I sure didn't) so then you can watch this video about musicians and environmentalists and creative people in Eygpt:

It must be so sad to waste your life imploring God to grant your enemies with cancer, when you could instead have been playing an instrument, helping the planet, and making people smile and kids dance!

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