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Friday, January 3, 2014

Sweden presents a report

(December 14, 2013)

A Swedish man was on the Arabic news again, and yet again, the BBC made no mention of his nationality. What a shame!

This is Åke Sellström. He is in charge of the team inspecting and destroying the chemical weapons in Syria. On this day, they were releasing a report about their progress. In the first picture, he is answering a question at a UN press conference. The BBC Arabic actually showed a journalist asking a question, and then they devoted a full 16 seconds to Dr. Sellström's answer. That's a lot of time in BBC Arabic scheduling! Unfortunately, you could just hear bits of his voice in the background (he was speaking in English) with the Arabic translation played over it. 

Here he presents his report to the UN Secretary-General. 

Now they shake hands.

And here they present the report to the world leaders.

Here are the inspectors at their job:

This is a boy filmed during or in the aftermath of the chemical weapons attack on a Syrian village.

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