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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Druze protest

(January 7, 2014)

There is a group of people called Druze that live in the Middle East. I think some of them live in Syria, and some of them also live in Israel/Palestine.

I think they must be Muslim. At least, some of them probably identify more with Palestinians than with Israelis, because the young man interviewed here by the BBC Arabic was refusing to sign up for duty with the Israeli army.

I think everyone in Israel is automatically drafted into the army for some time. But this Druze man refused, so he went with his two brothers and sisters to a protest place, surrounded by supporters, and they all played a string quartet concert. They played the melody from "Home Alone" when Kevin is setting up the booby-traps in his house before Harry and Marv show up "at 9 o'clock. That way it's dark. Yeah. Kids are scared of the dark."

After they finished playing their concert, I think the young man was arrested.

All four siblings.  

Supporters standing round them. 

Concentrating hard on the music.

Smile after hitting the final note. 

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