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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Youth in Gaza

A guy from Gaza sent the BBC Arabic a video he had compiled of his friends or acquaintances, explaining their dreams for the future.

First up was this girl called Alaa. She is 24. She is getting ready to graduate with a degree in journalism. 

The next lady, below, wants to get a job, perhaps as a teacher. She says that any Palestinian youth, whether in Palestine or outside, whether in an Arab or western country, should carry onwards the Palestinian situation; should be an ambassador for the Palestinian situation; and should be a reflection of the beauty of the Palestinian soul, and the beauty of the Palestinian manners. And if in a foreign country, to act with goodness towards everyone, and to act with the dignity of a Palestinian. And so you must be capable of shouldering this responsibility. And there should be a message coming from all Palestinians: that the children of Palestine are a people with passion, with intelligence, and strong opinions, and that we should ...

She went on for one or two more sentences, but I am already overwhelmed and can barely understand her as it is.

And finally, here is a young lad of 24 years who mumbled too much, and I could not catch his name. While he mumbled, they showed images of him going to the gym, where the music was blaring Arabic rock music, that a man very proud of his bellowing sort of voice was singing along to, and where I guess he did weight-lifting and such things.
Basically, everyone said that they are wanting to leave Gaza as soon as they can because there is no security, no safety, no institutions, no economy; because Gaza is drowning in crises; because personal and general freedoms are being reversed, etc, etc.

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