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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Peace Festival in Iraq

Iraq would like you to know that her capital is the city of peace, as you can almost make on the banner below the stage, cut off by the camera.

Everyone's out having a good time. I could just make out the words of the English song the people on stage are rapping: "The world's gonna know your name, something something the walls in the hall of fame."

They sang in Arabic, too: ya habibiiiiiii!

The festival has been organized by youth in Baghdad for several years, always on September 21. September 21 is the International Day of Peace (see this UN site.) I think they want a good, positive story coming from Baghdad.

There's dancing, singing, and plays; and I even saw break-dancing.

This man attended the festival:

He said "it was very wonderful! And it deserves respect and to be known world-wide. Also, this type of festival has a very big role to play in advancing Iraq, in changing the youth's attitudes. I have faith in this type of festival, in this type of campaign, because they will change things in the coming years. Inshallah. And I would like to welcome more and more people to come."

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