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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Dying children in Yemen

The BBC Arabic visited a hospital in Yemen full of dying children.

The hospital has very little equipment, as there's been a lot of bombing in Yemen over the last few years. This doctor, for example, is explaining that conditions are much worse than just a year ago - and they weren't good a year ago to start with.

Here is one of the dying children:

He is three years old, and I think he was starving to death. The hospital doesn't have anything that can help. His own family tries to take care of hm.

And this is all happening at the last functioning hospital in this particular city. It's called Hudaida, and it's on Yemen's coast. The streets of this city are filled with displaced people.

The streaming got blurry, unfortunately, but in the back of this scene you can just see a kid about 10 years old bouncing a baby on his knee:

This city is important for Yemen, because it is the main port where ships come in, bringing food and medicine. But there is nothing coming in now, because Saudi Arabia has laid siege to it. Saudi Arabia is also the country - with the help of weapons from the United States and the UK - bombing Yemen.

Here is the stock-still port:

And a worker from the World Food Programme explaining about the siege, and how so many are hungry:

In the meantime, cholera has also broken out. This boy, Yahya, is 13, and is struck down with cholera, I think they said along with 18 of his family members.

They were still at the hospital when the three-year-old child died. Here, his father is carrying the body away. They said they wanted the cameras there to show the world what was happening. 

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