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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Refugees in Europe

Sometime around September 22, the European Union reached an agreement about how many refugees it was going to accept.

They did some kissing and hugging in the hallowed legislative halls:

But on the same day, there were clashes between refugees and the police in Croatia. I think this was where they were using hoses to keep people back. Or maybe that was another country.

Here, they're trying to carry a man over the police lines, or something.

One of quotes from the EU leaders was something like: the EU must send a message that it is open to the world.

The OECD was having a meeting on the same day, and they chimed in: the EU must work in cooperation and coordinate to figure things out.

Meanwhile, the US announced that they will accept 85,000 refugees next year:

On the 26th, the BBC Arabic showed a little report from Austria. Here, some newcomers are celebrating Eid:

And here they are showing a reception center that can hold 1000 people:

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