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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Baba Francis in the US

The Pope is in the US, and the BBC Arabic was on top of it.

Their interpreter was live-translating the Pope's address to Congress.

Which means that Boehner's face was beamed to the Arab audiences watching. I'm sure they were all thrilled.

Then, in the subsequent news briefs, these were the quotes they pulled from the Pope's speech to keep replaying:

"Our current challenges necessitate cooperation, the kind of cooperation the US was known for and that made many many successes possible in the US in the past."

And I think that the Pope said: "We need to respect each other's differences'. And Boehner clapped.


A few days after the Congress speech, the BBC Arabic also showed the Pope's speech from the UN:

The Pope was the fifth person to give a speech at the UN summit.

The BBC Arabic included quite a bit of the Pope's speech in their hourly reports (and they might have shown it live, as well). The Pope said things like: we need global coordination. And he said we don't want nuclear weapons.

They showed him greeting everyone at the UN:

Oh my God! Do you see who else is in this picture? It is the Deputy Secretary General, that's him on the right with the blue tie. He is Swedish! This is the first time I'm seeing him on the BBC Arabic, and it's not for lack of trying.

Here's the American delegation listening to the Pope's speech:

Then, a few days after that, the BBC Arabic cut live to a mass that the Pope gave in Philadelphia:

They even showed this lady doing an opera solo in the cathedral:

I saw the Pope before in Amman! You can check out that story here.

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