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Friday, June 19, 2015

American gun violence and police brutality on the Arabic news

Domestic American news has cropped up a few times lately on the BBC Arabic.

Yesterday, they were talking about the shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, that killed nine Black people in church. The part I watched didn't really dwell on it a lot, didn't talk about the victims, didn't show scenes from Charleston. They just showed the picture of the killer since I think the police might still have been looking for him.

Then today, they showed the killer again being led away in handcuffs, and then they showed this scene from North Carolina of the killer being returned to South Carolina:

About two weeks ago, when a white police officer broke up the pool party in McKinny, Texas, the BBC Arabic reported on that, too. It wasn't their top story, but they played a 3 minute or so segment on it about every hour on the first day of coverage; and then had follow-up coverage the next day.

They showed the scene in all its glory, and the accompanying commentary talked about racial tension:

They showed every part of the cop wresting the girl in the bikini:

They showed this guy, the one who has the criminal record for spray-painting turkeys, talking about how the kids got what was coming to them.

 But they also showed the clip of the girl who had hosted the party, talking about how her white neighbors were making rude comments about Section 8 housing.

Then they came back to the studio. This is Rana. She was the anchor at the time. I think her face had something of the expression that Arabs usually get when they hear about domestic problems in the US: 'well, well, well'.

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