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Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Science Center in Cleveland

We took a little spin through Cleveland.

We found out the Cleveland is very scared of the Environmental Protection Agency. That's because Cleveland is where the river caught on fire off and on during the 1950s through 70s.

In order to impress the EPA inspectors, Cleveland now has a little section of the city dedicated to the environment. First, they have some bike racks. Then, they have a few buses that rumble past.

Then, to be really impressive, they have set up a whole Great Lakes Science Center. Seems like all the Cleveland schools come there for the end-of-year ritual fieldtrip. We were able to explore some of it, but most exhibits can only be accessed after paying an entry fee.

But in the parts we did see, there was a fun description of the water cycle:

Then, a quiz. Here we are, getting the wrong answer:

Then, they had a wind turbine, and an explanation of wind energy:

A lot of kids had drawn posters in support of the environment:

The wind turbine was just outside:

And they had solar panels, too:

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