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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Police Killings in the US: BBC Arabic reports

Yesterday, the BBC Arabic was running a report from Baltimore about Freddie Gray, the Black man whose spine was injured while in police custody. Freddie Gray later died.

There were several thousand people protesting in Baltimore yesterday, and that's what the BBC Arabic was showing scenes of:

Blacks are treated badly by the police in the US, says the BBC Arabic.

This man said: I'm here to fight for justice for Freddie Gray.

This lady said: I'm here because we are all Freddie Gray and Michael Brown.

The killing of Blacks by police is growing in the US, says the BBC Arabic, as it broadcasts to its audience of 28 million Arabs:

Then they showed a clip of a press conference with (I think) Freddie Gray's family and lawyer:

And since the BBC Arabic is very comprehensive, they also showed a clip from the Baltimore police press conference:

Yes, Freddie Gray died of a spinal injury, and yes, the police should have called the ambulance earlier, and yes, at this point we still have many more questions than answers, says the police officer.

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