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Friday, April 10, 2015

A Yemeni rebel and a Saudi man debate who treats women better

There is a severe crisis in Yemen right now. First, rebels took over the national capital. In response, a bunch of Arab countries, led by Saudi Arabia, started bombing Yemen. Yemen is one of the poorest countries in the world.

The BBC Arabic had a debate about it three days ago. First, the man speaking for the rebels explained himself. He said: yes, it is true that Yemen had held big talks aimed at compromise; but no, the rebels had never felt truly included in those talks, and that was why they had to take guns to their aims. So, he continued, how can you expect us to sit down for talks now, just at the moment when we are being bombed by foreigners??

Then, the person speaking against the rebels, and in favor of the Saudi-led military intervention, said: we are not foreigners! We are fellow Arabs. How can you call us foreigners? We only want the best for Yemen. We are totally opposed to these rebels who have come out of the nowhere and destabilized the entire country.

Then I think the BBC Arabic moderator asked: so your way of "wanting the best for Yemen" is to bomb the country to smithereens? And to bomb refugees and civilians?

Then the pro-Saudi man answered: No! We do not bomb civilians! We do not bomb refugees!

[I don't know if this is true, because though I was not paying close attention, there was something on the news about refugees having been killed by these Saudi bombs. But the pro-Saudi man continued nevertheless:]

Pro-Saudi man: We would never harm anyone in Yemen! In fact, it's the rebels who are harming people. Have you heard about how they've killed people, and have you heard about how they've arrested women? Yemeni women!! The rebels are arresting Yemeni women! Have you heard the like? Yemeni women in jail, jailed at the hands of the rebels! How dare they! How can they claim they are good for the country when they are dishonoring Yemeni women by putting them in jail!

Well, the pro-rebel guy actually had a zinger to that:

Pro-rebel guy: Listen to the Saudi man talk of the dishonor of putting women in jail - the Saudis who jail women for driving cars.

It must be owned that the pro-Saudi guy had not thought that far ahead and had no answer.

Here's the pro-rebel guy:

I was busy working and did not dare take screenshots, but when this man said the thing about arresting women for driving, I just had to capture him. 

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