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Sunday, April 12, 2015

A women's-only mosque in the US

The BBC Arabic visited the first women's-only mosque in the United States.

The mosque is in a building that used to be a synagogue! And, from the looks of it, I think the building has also been used as a church. Now it's a mosque, and just for women.

The mosque is in a section of Los Angeles called Pico Union, or something like that. They are just now having their second Friday prayers. And this is the lady who called out the "Call to prayer", or the ithaan:

In her normal life, Ms. Springer is a stand-up comedian. She is also a convert to Islam:

Then, the BBC Arabic visited another mosque in Los Angeles...

 and they were not very happy with the proceedings. This man says: would we have a men-only mosque? No, so we shouldn't have a women's-only mosque. We need to have the proper places for women in the common mosques.

I say, good riddance to the men, they are all so disgusting and bratty. 

We came back from the report to the man who was acting BBC Arabic newscaster at the time. He looked quite tickled:

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