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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Letter-writing in Jordan

I thought I would write letters home from Jordan, but I've postmarked five of them - the first almost 2 months ago - and none have arrived.

Finally, I went to the post office and asked them if they only send the mail-plane to the US once a month or something. But they said, no, no! Your letter should arrive in a week. Maybe ten days.

The nice thing is that I think the post offices are all pretty plentiful, and they are clearly marked with the 'Jordan Post' sign on the street. When I first got here, though, I didn't know where any of the post offices were located, so I searched on Google and found a website that seemed official and as though it belonged to the Jordanian post office. They had a map that showed post office locations. The map only showed two locations in all of Amman, and maybe six in all of Jordan.

Since the website doesn't help, just ask someone where the nearest post office. It's probably within a ten to twenty minute walk.

It only costs 1.10 dinars to send a letter to the US. That is about $1.50.

But unfortunately, it looks like all your letters will go to an early grave if you hand them over.

I have a friend whose dad sends her weekly letters from Europe, but I think that only two of them have arrived. That is a better record, though, compared to my out-going letters.

So I wanted to commemorate the sad fate of my pretty handwriting...

I pray that you may be resuscitated one day.

Update: This letter arrived! In fact, I have confirmation that three out of the five letters I dared send from Jordan arrived in the US (the first arrived two months later, the second and third only journeyed for a month.) And the two missing letters might have arrived. I just never heard.

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