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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Jordan's morning radio

Yesterday, the street by one of the universities in Amman was full of young men and women, and their families. It was graduation day.

Likewise, all the high-school kids have been taking their end-of-term tests.

One girl called into the morning radio and was telling the anchor that the English exam she had taken the day before was really, really hard. Then the moderator tried to console her.

That was the day that the plane in Ukraine was shot down. So one of the headlines on the morning radio news was: the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon condemns it, etc.

One time, I think a refugee from Syria living now in Jordan called into the morning radio show. The moderator told the Syrian refugee: you know, us Jordanians are a welcoming people. We don't look to see if someone is Jordanian or Syrian. We just look to see that we're all Muslim and Arab, and so we welcome all refugees, we want to help everyone, we will do whatever we can!

The Syrian refugee said back: well, no, you don't.

That's when the moderator started yelling at him.

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