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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

UN kidnapping in Yemen

(March 25, 2014)

I think that two UN workers were kidnapped in Yemen. I was watching the BBC Arabic as it broke, so it was a live story.

They did a phone interview with their local Yemeni correspondent to get more details:

He said that eyewitnesses identified one of the kidnap victims as an Italian, but the other's nationality was unknown. The police was alerted right away by the same eyewitnesses. The correspondent mentioned that usually in Yemen, kidnappings don't end in murder. Usually people are freed after a few hours. But, that all can change if you are kidnapped by hard-core militants wanting to make a world-wide splash.

Then, after the initial reports and discussion, the story faded pretty quickly. I don't know what eventually happened.

PS: just did a quick Google search. The two UN workers were freed by Yemeni troops within a few hours.

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