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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Soccer cheers

(January 28, 2014)

Here are Iraqi citizens cheering because their soccer team beat Saudi Arabia (as shown on the BBC Arabic)!

And here is the same deal for the Libyans: they also beat some other country, and everyone's out in full force:

This Libyan man says: everyone is so happy!

I was only half paying attention at first, and the thing that stood out for me was the sound of gun-fire in the background. Not realizing that it was in celebration, I thought a bomb must have gone off. Plus, do you see the man with the white stuff on his head in the picture above? I thought his brains were probably blown out.

Then I realized everyone was smiling. And then I listened closely the second time the footage was run, and then I understood it was just a matter of sports.

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