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Friday, November 15, 2013

Peaceful protests in Libya

Not only Syria had peaceful protests today, but so did Libya. The protests were either in the city of Tripoli or in the city of Misrata. People were trying to chase out the armed militias that have sort of taken over. But instead, some of the protesters were killed by the armed militias. They interviewed a little boy on a hospital bed: "we came peaceful, they came with weapons." Lots of others were in the hospital as well, including some bodies:

Here's a man coming in for treatment. Note the white head at the front of the picture is a female doctor or nurse. Nice!

And here are pictures of the protests:

All the women in these photos really give me another image of Libya than what I had before I started seeing these things on the news:

 Well, those were men, but here come the women:

Libya's prime minister came on the television there to say: all the armed militias must get out of Tripoli, without exception. But the official Libyan army and police is weak right now, and cannot always enforce law and order in the country.

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