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Saturday, September 14, 2013

What's the Greyhound bus from the Eastern Shore to Baltimore like?

Greyhound has a very bad reputation as being gross and dirty, so I would just like to inform anyone who may be wondering that the Express Greyhound bus from the Eastern Shore to Baltimore is very nice. It's a new bus, and the seats are clean. To be sure, it did show up at my stop an hour late, but that was on a Friday, around noontime, and I guess there were a lot of travelers that day. It also looks very scary and hideous from the outside, with all its huge, black-tinted windows staring down at you, but inside it's nice. This is one of the very few public transportation methods on and off the Eastern Shore.

So the bus is nice, but the Baltimore Greyhound bus station which is its final destination is located in a kind of crummy part of town (but that applies to nearly all of Baltimore.) I did not explore the station bathrooms, and I advise that you do not either. Maybe just don't drink any water the day before. The guy working at the station was nice. He called taxis for those of us that needed a speedy getaway, and there is also a city bus that will come through on its own time, if you are not so rushed. Likely, the only place you will want to get to is the train station, because when you're in Baltimore, your first priority should be to get yourself out.

Don't get confused with the other Greyhound bus linking the Eastern Shore and DC. I haven't ridden that one, but it is not an Express bus. The Express buses are supposed to be newer. So maybe the DC-Eastern Shore bus is gross, I don't know.

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