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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Arab and Norwegian women in sports

The BBC Arabic has a program where they talk about high-performing women in sports the world round. They talked about a horse-back rider from Egypt who does a sport called equestrian sport called 'Kalla', at least in Arabic, which she won some competitions in.

She was saying how when the sport was first introduced, men and women trained separately; and the courses for women were made easier. But since then, things have equalized.

 She says the sport taught her concentration in a whole new way.

They talked about another young Arab woman who is really good at jiu jitsu. She now teaches classes to young girls to get them involved. She talked a whole lot about how even if it's a small thing, she's going to do the best she can to make a difference and inspire young people.

But they don't only talk about Arab women in sports. They mentioned this Norwegian lady who has gotten more Olympic medals than any other:

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