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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A women-run mosque in Denmark

This is also from August 2016.

It was a Danish girl with parents - one Finnish, one Syrian - and she started a mosque with a woman in charge. Her name was Ahlaam. That means 'dreams' in Arabic!

They interviewed her on the BBC Arabic.

She described how people say: you don't live in Arab countries, it's because you've lived in foreign places that you think the women-run mosque is okay.

This is partly true, she conceded. "The Ahlaam of today is not the same Ahlaam of 30 years ago. I lived in Switzerland, and I saw things I wasn't used to in Arab countries. I had to ask myself, why can't I find these things in my religion? I had opportunities and possibilities to think this way.

"But then again, right now, I'm living in Qatar, and I have traveled all over the Muslim world. What I found in Switzerland can also be found in Malaysia, Kashmir - it can already be found among Muslims.

"And I see the youth today looking for a way to live their religion in the world of today."

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