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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Refugees on the move

When the Hungary train station in Budapest was turned into a refugee camp around September 4, I was keeping half an eye only on the BBC Arabic, so I might have missed something. But when I had time to pay attention, they were not. The BBC Arabic was having deep discussions about the crisis in Yemen, or the crisis in Syria. I guess the crisis of a few tens of thousands of refugees in Europe was not as pressing.

By Saturday and Sunday, when the refugees were being let into Austria and Germany, the coverage picked up a little. It was the top story. But if they did any in depth analysis on it, I missed it completely. 

I'm sure they did, though, because the BBC Arabic has been doing in depth shows on refugees in Europe for a long time: here and here.  

Two days ago, they had a short story about some refugees who were able to swim to shore after their boat capsize:

There were others on that boat that died. 

And they were showing the situation in Germany:

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