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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Eid reports from the BBC Arabic, and Iran and Saudi have a fight

Today is a Muslim holiday. It had both happy celebrations and tragedies. The BBC Arabic was reporting from many countries.

They showed celebrations from Egypt. They showed people praying in Mecca:

Then, they talked about Syria, and it's difficult with many displaced people and many refugees in different areas:

In Afghanistan, they interviewed some of the people who had come out to pray. One man said: We all are here praying for peace, and today in Afghanistan, the chance for peace is greater than it has ever been.

Then they went to Russia, where all three mosques in Moscow were packed.

This is the largest mosque in Moscow. They interviewed some people there, too, but I don't remember what they said.

Then they moved on to Indonesia, which has the largest population of Muslims of any other country in the world:

They spent a lot of time talking about Iraq. They showed the markets where people were out buying new clothes:

This lady said: every Eid, we like to come out and buy candy and lemon drops.

They had some rides out for kids to enjoy:

 The streets were full:

This man was preparing the rides at the amusement park. He said: yes, we've been working very hard to get everything in order, so that when the kids come everything will be clean and ready for them. 

And some people were in the cemeteries praying for the dead:

One of the people interviewed said: we pray for peace, may God bring peace to Iraq.

Meanwhile, a bomb went off in a mosque in Yemen, killing ten people. The BBC Arabic showed the debris left over. The bomb is supposed to have been detonated by 'Daa-esh', aka ISIS, and there are some overtones of the bombing campaign Saudi has been waging on Yemen involved.

They had quite a bit of discussion about it. I wasn't paying attention, but this man was live from Yemen's capital Sanaa:

Meanwhile, there was a stampede at Mecca in which over 700 people were killed. This was actually the top story today. It was the top story, and the topic of an hour-long call-in show, and it was otherwise discussed at length. They showed the press conference given by the Saudi police, in which they said that they couldn't help it, there's a lot of people there and there's no solution as simple as people think.

But the best part came during the call-in show. They were talking to a Saudi man:

The BBC Arabic moderator told the Saudi man: you know, Iran is not buying it. Iran says that Saudi should do more to protect pilgrims in Mecca, that it's your responsibility, and you're not doing a good job, and it's your fault.

Says the Saudi man:

You know, Iran is at war against us. If the sky fell, then Iran would probably blame Saudi Arabia for it. Iran is an evil country in all ways. Back in (some year), it was the Iranian pilgrims who caused the deaths of hundreds of Saudis and 60 other pilgrims of various citizenships.

So in short, the guests of the BBC Arabic would like to again extend wishes for peace and understanding on this holy day!

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